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In the enigmatic paradox of choosing to be position-less, I am left frustrated and laughing at the absurdity of my reflection in the mirror of existence.

As much as I aspire to be, I can not choose to be of non-position. This is why it has been scribed by the wise ones in the ancient texts of the Divine Comedy, “Those that know don’t talk and those that talk don’t know.”

In conversation, I find myself choosing words as carefully and meticulously as the neurosurgeon wields the scalpel through a forest of glial cells and dendritic branches. Language is very powerful – and in this day and age, the ignorance of the human condition has all but butchered and pulverized the revered spoken word into a syllabic blur, a slurry of words, and a mere pile of limp lipped consonants longing for the sacred union in the form of a well-enunciated vowel.

We, as the egoic collective, are so easily mesmerized and get so easily fanaticized over just about anything the “group” chooses to focus on. However, the focus here is on that of linguistic convention, not necessarily a topic superficially shallow enough for the masses to consider.

“The older I get, the more I realize no one really knows what they are doing, everyone is just pretending.”

~ Unkown

Speaking of the masses…

We, the patriotic clowns, pledged to a nation “indivisible”, are currently juggling the rhetorics of nonsensical agenda, entertaining the court of global elitists with our petty petitions, derived of our own ignorance and the obtuse scope of our prideful vision. Tiny-minded tantrums like right vs left, or him vs her, or democrats vs republicans. It doesn’t make them right or wrong, or good or bad, it’s just that.. they believe the story. Anyway, during these hyper-focused times of character scrutiny, the parties capitalize on the use of buzz words. One, in particular, I would like to dismantle.


Race is not the problem. Race is a reduction of terms. When we refer to race, we are speaking of the pigmentation of one’s skin. But this attention to difference is just one form, one variation, of a much, much bigger problem.

Racism isn’t the problem, “OTHERISM” is.

We are so fragile in our identities. We are so desperate to stand out and prove our existence in the vain attempt to slap our inescapable mortality in the face… that we “other label” other humans every chance we get. Be it a difference of race, size, sexual preference, mobility, nationality, religion, class, or any other, other, we can utilize to demonize or dehumanize our fellow being.

And often, deep down, we feel so shitty about ourselves that we use these condescending “otherisms” to band-aid our sensitive little bitch-ass egos. It’s a tragedy and it is unconscious.

See, every single fear we express has one common fearful denominator… death. Which can also be seen as the fear of uncertainty or oblivion. Therefore, one of our primary unconscious motives is to prove our existence despite the fact that we never actually can. Nothing feeds our feeble attempts of proving our individual significance as the acquisition of attention. Why do you think Facebook became such a powerhouse? It capitalized on our greatest of fears and gave us the ultimate platform of instant gratification allowing the attention whore in all of us to find solace in the digitized expression of vanity. How we dress, speak, move and showcase our bodies can, in most cases, be seen as an attempt to express immortality. The louder and more dramatic the individual, (typically, not always) the greater their fear of death, of oblivion, of non-existence.

Another way to enhance our sense of significance, to denounce the inevitable silencing of our voices, is to create a perceived polarity and the most effective way to do this is to focus on what makes us different from the other person, to create division. I am here, you are there. I am this, you are that. And as a result of it all, nothing is more effective than, you are dead and I am alive! So, please understand, that racism is a scapegoat. It is a tiny little word we use to place the blame on, to point the proverbial finger at. Stop it. Go take a long hard look in the mirror and see, just see how you unconsciously judge and quickly polarize the others.. due to skin, religion, sex, nationality.. etc, etc, etc…..

And those of you standing atop the pedestal of righteousness, patriotically hypnotized, step down and check your arrogant hypocrisy at the pulpit. Your shit stinks as vile as any other human, no matter your chosen label of theistic decent.

Since I am unable to choose non-position according to universal law, I will choose as neutrally as humanly possible.

— I claim no country. I fly no flag. I honor no nationality or ethnicity. I see no borders on this beautifully blue cosmic marble. I do not take pride in anything. I abolish religion. I am not above, nor below any other being or creature. I am not against, nor do I compete.. rather, I choose to cooperate. And the only race I claim or will ever acknowledge is that of HUMAN. —