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Human superstitions are absurd!

How ridiculously disgusting can we be with our tiny boxed, fear-based, monkey minds? I’m going to go off on the literal interpretation of the word and concept of “witch” for the moment. If anything, the “witches” or “wicchis” of the world should be revered, not feared. They are more intimately connected with source energy than the vast majority of modern day humans. The slightest misunderstandings, misperceptions, misconceptions, non-conformities, or fear-based conclusions, get labeled and condemned as evil, dark, or – the most appalling statement of programmed ignorant reductionism of them all – “It is of satan!”, or the devil, or lucifer, or any other number of demonic alter-egos we so choose to divert our lazy lack of responsibility upon.

Humans are still thinking this way? Sadly, yes we are, we refuse to awaken from our poppy field coma.

At this day it is indifferent to say in the English tongue, ‘she is a witch,’ or ‘she is a wise woman’.

~ Reginald Scot, “The Discoverie of Witchcraft,” 1584

Witchcraft, or The Old Religion, pre-christian paganism practices, are amongst the most intimately integrated with nature and most beautiful ceremonies ever evoked by humanity. DO YOUR RESEARCH, we have been taken for a ride and sold a bag of 100% genetically modified psychological bullshit. The Wica, Wicca, or Wiccan’s, from which the word witch is derived, literally translates to – The Wise Ones. The Wiccan became the wicked. Wicked is not bad. The wick-ed was known as the cluster of fibers in the base of an oil lamp from which the flame burns. In the case of the Wiccan’s, they are representative of the cluster of fibers, known as the wick, from which the light of consciousness illuminates to dissolve the darkness of ignorance.

We have managed, in our ignorant communion, to morbidly distort the image of the word “witch”, collectively agreeing to reduce its definition to that of evil decent.

The philistine redundantly and comfortably tends the garden of old paradigm. Feeding and nurturing the rigid weeds of certainty, all the while, clipping the fresh, pliable buds of inspiration and new idea before they can open to flower and pollinate his mind with possibility.

Unknown(exactly where you want to be)