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Why do we role play? Why do we appease?

Why must we be so controlled by what we feel about what others may think? Especially friends and family! It is a disease! So much so, that we actually defend belief structures that don’t even belong to us for the sake of acceptance! The vast majority of us are automatons.. for two reasons: 1. Our subconscious is extremely powerful.. so powerful, most people don’t even know that that is all that is running their lives. 2. Our egos desperate need to fit in and to be accepted. (not to be loved, the ego doesn’t understand love).. which is ultimately fueled by the fear of being alone.

“Who are you.. really?”

We think “family” is “Won’t ever be alone” insurance.

Put the masks away. Be the beautiful being that you are. Stop the role-playing, it doesn’t serve you.. it only suppresses all that you are and all that you can be. Pay attention to every second of every moment.. and you’ll see the masks and the roles are plentiful. You are not who you “think” you are. All of your “beliefs” about who you think you are are just that, beliefs.. mental constructs. Neuro nets that you fused together in your mind, that say, I am this and I am that. The beautiful thing about beliefs is that they are illusions. You can let them go and rewrite the real you, from the ground up, unobstructed and unbiased. When you are completely and truly free of fear, you can choose the programs that you want to install and be yourself. Let it all go. Everything. None of it matters. The only thing that matters is your state of consciousness.

Are you fearless and fully present? If yes, then you are free.