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“I didn’t go to Harvard, but the people who work for me did…

and my kids are homeschooled.”

When it comes to school, especially public school.. absolutely not. When it comes to education and wisdom,

we’re all in!

Kids have natural and intuitive stages of development.

They don’t need to be force-fed letters and numbers at certain ages to learn effectively and efficiently. They don’t need to stand in line, stand up and say the pledge, follow guidelines, and consume endless hours of non-essential information to grow to be intelligent, cognizant, and wise human beings. The only thing they need is inspiration and a nurtured sense of curiosity. Textbooks, outlines, documentation, tests, and grading are all archaic and unnecessary means of teaching our children.

Humans are naturally curious and intuitive. It is commonly shut down by the parents themselves, if not the schools, churches, and their immediate cultural limitations. Education doesn’t require institutional facilities to develop young human brains. What is going to help your children to learn is to allow them to explore what they find most fascinating and intriguing and tie the necessary elements of educational development to it. Which is, in most cases, going to begin somewhere in the areas of art and/or music. Music is math and language. Art is math and language.

Allow them to explore what most inspires them and the rest will fall into place.

We are and have been, advocates of alternative schooling procedures. ie: nature-based schools, unschooling, world schooling, etc. For most, we send our kids to school, not for them to get an education, but to give us a break as parents. We collectively allow the parental heroic idea of them getting an “education” as an excuse to catch our breath. Totally understood. Public school is daycare disguised as an expected role fulfilling effort to “progress our children’s education”… if we were to be completely honest.

Not to say the kids don’t learn anything while they are there. They do. Along with learning the arts of arithmetic and diluted linguistics, they also learn from their peers. Peers that have absorbed the three-dimensional mindsets of their sleeping parents. The human condition is all prevailing at the playground during recess:

I am better than you. You are not better than me. I am faster than you. You are not faster than me. I am prettier than you. You are not prettier than me. I am stronger than you. You are not stronger than me. I am not as stupid as you. You are stupider than me. Eww, what are you wearing? Eww, what’s wrong with your face? Eww, why do you lace your shoes like that? Eww, does anybody like you? Eww, don’t sit next to me. Eww, your mom looks funny. Eww, you live where? Eww, why is your voice so funny? etc… and the list goes on. So, a public school in general.. nope. Keeping your kids at home, safe from toxic mentalities and young egos in development.. YES!

always answer with a question

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