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“If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.”

(due to my indoctrination, i was, at one time – defensive, stubborn, certain, and quite unreasonable myself)

I know, I know, it’s a sensitive subject.

Probably THE most sensitive of subjects to discuss. I’m sure that gave many of you a proper knee jerk, punch in the gut, or at the very least a menacing wince of repulsion. Please place your norepinephrine and adrenaline molecules back in their respective canons for when they will actually be needed. For others, maybe you concurred with a grin or blushed with a mutual appreciation. Either way, it’s challenging territory.

Let’s first look at the definition of the word RELIGION:

Origin: 1150-1200; Latinreligi – (stem of religi) conscientiousness, piety, equivalent to relig (re) to tie, fasten (re- re- + lig / re to bind, tie; cf. ligament ) + -i?n- -ion; cf.

Did you catch that? (to BIND) to join, hold together, to fuse. The question is, “What are we binding?” The answer is, “Neurons.”

(RE) To do something repeatedly. (LIG) The joining of something, such as a ligament joining two bones together. The joining of neurons creating a neuro net of a belief structure with repeated study and affirmation. It only takes one little agreement and you’re hooked. (ION) the motion or action of doing something. Such as agreeing, affirming, and binding neurons in the adoption
of a thought, concept, theology, or philosophy.

RE = to repeatedly / LIG = bind / ION = the action of doing so (and the neuronet it born)

Before we go any further with this, we need to be clear about our perspective. We are not atheists. Nor are we theists. We merely choose not to define the undefinable with any labeling or reductionistic and conclusive terminology. The fact of the matter is, we do not know and we are comfortable with that. We do not subscribe to a post corporeal afterlife faced with an eternally divisive theory of heaven and hell. We do not subscribe to a “savior” sent in any human form. We see the savior as ourselves. We must accept full personal responsibility and not lean on the crutch of crooked misconceptions. We see heaven in our hearts and hell in the form of unconscious human affairs driven by ego and greed. We do not look without to find what is referred to as “god”, we choose to look within. We do not believe “in” god, alternatively, maybe, “through” god. Rather than using the conclusive noun “god” (which limits the concept to a person, place, or thing), we prefer a more verb-based approach, “godding” perhaps (which allows for the concept to be in motion, moving, fluid, and flexible. We see “god” in everything, all things, all time, all space, all void. In other words, god “is”. Call it the universe, imagination, god, goddess, gaia, earth, water, wind, fire, electricity, void, the great tao, the brahman, allah, yeshua, ether.. it’s all the same through our eyes.

What you focus on the longest becomes the strongest

We do not see god as an anthropomorphized male entity in the heavens,

judging, condemning, blessing, bestowing, and listening to prayers. We find that to be a very misleading and misunderstood attachment. If god were to have a sexual gender, undisputedly, it would be feminine in nature. But we don’t believe that either. We understand that there is an imbalance in the hierarchy of the human experience, leaning heavily into the patriarchal dominion. The age of Aquarius is upon us and the shift is beginning to sway into that of the soft reception of the feminine energies. Thank goddess (pun intended).

That said, we challenge you to unlock your neuronal webs of entanglement and dive deep into the rabbit hole of the great mystery with us. Below you will find books, blogs, videos, and documentaries challenging conventional religious theory and the control they have over humanity. Dig in…


Scroll through the following selections of religious mythicism documentaries and click on a title that interests you. Grab some NON-GMO popcorn and prepare to have your minds blown, your brains wrinkled, your fears shattered, and to be newly empowered in the freedom of your personal expression…


Scroll through the following selection and click on a title that interests you. This is the short end of a long list of literary lacerations crafted to dismantle the mental manipulation of religions and their corrosive fables. Not all of the following books are specifically intended to denounce religious beliefs, but in one way or another, they manage to insinuate.