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“When we hear, we either accept or reject.. or we translate what we hear according to our knowledge, our background..

or we compare what is being said to what is already known.. or we oppose one idea by another. All these characteristics of hearing deny the act of listening. When one listens, there is no comparison, there is no acceptance or rejection. The very act of listening brings about total attention in which you see the totality and in all significance and structure of what is being said.


The quality of listening is attention and when you attend totally with your whole mind, with your heart, with your nerves, with your eyes and ears, completely, intensely listening and you give your whole attention to something, that is when you are completely listening. In that state of attention, there is the act of listening and that act of listening puts away anything that is not true. You listen to the totality of the thing. When you attend, there are no borders of inattention. And that act of listening is really a miracle, perhaps itís the greatest miracle.. when one can listen totally without any defense, without any barrier. Then one can look, then one can listen.

If I want to understand what you are saying, I must listen to you. I must listen to you with affection, with care, with attention. I’m going to find out what you are saying. But if i say, I agree with you, I’ve heard this before or you are saying something to me which is impossible, you are not listening.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

In other words: Eliminate all judgments, assumptions, predispositions, belief structures, prejudice, and expectations.. then, you can truly listen. Disregard what you consider to be right or wrong.. then, you can truly listen. Do not prepare your reply.. then, you can truly listen. Unlearn what you have learned.. then, and only then, can you truly listen.