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Let’s demystify some words through the etymology of the words themselves.

Oh, how the religious leaders love to magically melt our minds into believing their hypnotic rhetoric through the learned confidence of their vocal projections and how eager the fragile egos are to have faith in such fables of immortality. Let’s take a closer look at these magical little words, the origins of their intended implications, and what they actually mean in contemporary times without the mystical fog of delusion and divine cloak of camouflage. The words, with their legitimate definitions, are linked to their corresponding pages on and are accurately paraphrased (what’s in the parenthesis is my side notes). Enjoy, and please, I encourage you to click and see the origins and varying definitions of these words for yourself. It’s important to know what lies within that which we grant blind authority.

etymology = studying the true meanings and values of words (my most cherished hobby)

bible = a book (merely a book)

scripture = writing (that’s it.. words written on paper)

divine = (British verb) to conjecture or to guess, to suppose, to IMAGINE!

verse = a line of poetry

universe = one (one song you could say – in the beginning, was the word… hmmm?)

word = the forming of sound

sin = to offend against a principle (to miss the mark, to fall short of one’s own standard, cognitive dissonance converts to guilt)

spirit= to breathe (spirituality IS experience in and of itself. to be spiritual is to breathe, we are ALL spiritual beings practicing being spiritual no matter what you do or what you do or don’t believe)

orthodox = having the “correct” opinion (how arrogant)

ordained = to appoint (ok so this is your title, now, this is what we are going to call you)

holy = whole or intact (don’t let the little missing w fool you)

priest = elder, older (that’s it… old)

minister = priests’ assistant (he does what the old man tells him to do, makes less money, has fewer connections, and has less access to resources)

pastor = shepherd (to lead the sheep)

saint = devoted.. not magical, just devoted

metaphor = a figure of speech (every word we speak.. nothing we vocalize is actually factual, only metaphorical, for that which we can never truly understand or comprehend)

responsibility = a particular burden of obligation (ours to take, ours to own, not give away to an imaginary anthropomorphized deity)

religion = to tie, fasten, or bind (re (to repeat, do something over and over) / ion (action, motion, the act of doing something) / so we are doing something repeatedly, what? What is the lig part? Consider a ligament.. what does it do? It joins two bones together. So what are we joining in the word re-lig-ion? Well, when you look through the eyes of neurology, it’s obvious.. we are joining neurons! What you focus on the longest becomes the strongest. Literally, religion is the biological “practice” of belief reinforcement through the repetitive joining of hundreds of millions of neurons. That’s it! That’s all it is. It’s bullshit.

bullshit = nonsense, lies, or exaggeration (e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.)

peace = a state of mutual harmony (only possible through non-position)

love = to be pleasing (to everyone, all the time, because that’s all that really matters)