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This profound experience happened around 2014.

Linda’s mother Josephine had been in hospice for 7 years. I knew that she was in the process of passing, as Linda had informed me. Earlier that day as I was working at my desk, I suddenly felt the urge to go visit Josephine. Something told me to leave immediately and assist with her transition. I asked a very dear friend to join me in spirit. Linda gave me the address and as I drove I listened to Emmeleia by Dead Can Dance. I put it on repeat and got myself into a meditative state. I pulled up to the house and let the song finish. I knocked on the door and a nurse answered. Linda had not arrived yet. I told the nurse I was there to see Linda’s mother. She said, “Oh, follow me.”

As I followed the nurse and entered her space, Josephine immediately gasped and took her last breath.

The opposite of birth is death. Life has no opposite. Life is eternal.

~ Eckhart Tolle

I washed my hands and placed my left hand on her chest and my right hand on the top of her head. I closed my eyes, bowed my head, and felt as her heart slowed and softly beat for the very last time. Chills covered my body as I felt Josephine transition from this experience to the next. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace as her animation dissolved and she transmuted into light. Shortly thereafter Linda walked in, I embraced her until she calmed and found acceptance. I thought to myself as I watched the nurses prepare her body to be transported, “Thank you Josephine for your existence, I am honored to have been present for your transition even though I have never met you before. I know you through Linda, and I am grateful. You are at peace.”