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This is what I’m saying to you when I look into your eyes with my own.
Utilizing the English language to the best of my ability, through non-verbal communication, attempting to reduce the irreducible into words.
“Please remove your mask. I do not wish to interact with your role. I prefer to interact with your authenticity. I do not want anything from you. I have no agenda. If I have an aspiration, it is only to connect with you, to be present and pay attention. I allow what we flimsily refer to as “love” to flow through the pores of awareness that were once clogged with ignorance, assumption, expectation and judgment.
I will take nothing you say personally, as I understand we are each other’s mirror, each other’s reflection, light reflecting light.
I will not attempt to change you, as I understand that I must be the change I wish to see in others.
I will not harm you, nor ridicule you. I will never talk down to you, as I understand we are the absolute equivalent of one another. I will only support you.
I do not demand, request or require respect.. your presence is more than enough.
When I look at you I do not see your past, I don’t even see your present. I can only see your infinite potential, always.
When I look at you, I look at you through clear eyes, through unconditioned eyes.. free of labels and definitions.
I forgive you before I am given a reason to do so. If I am ever given a reason, you are already forgiven.
The light from a thousand suns illuminates our space every time you smile. Since time is an illusion, I will not thank you for it. Rather, I will appreciate you for sharing and reciprocating in this moment. I thank you for one thing.. Being you.”