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Update as of 2021: It’s interesting to listen to my old self as my current understandings have driven me far beyond the state of mind I was in at the time of writing this in 2013. Even though my perceptions have shifted to more distant realms of contemplation, I will leave this post to reflect on the naivety of my own human mind. The most notable of these projections is the return of said Jesus to this earth. I am now of the understanding that this mythological figure never existed in human form. But we’ll leave that journey for another blog post. Enjoy…

Dear friends…

I woke up this morning and wrote my mom an email, closing with a question. She has not yet replied, though I’m sure she will. Feel free to reply here mom, if you wish, but not necessary. Nor will I post your reply if you choose to keep it private. The content of the email contained topics I felt called for some extra attention. After you read, I will pose the same question to you…
From: Shane Dieter
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2013 7:48 AM
To: Barb Baum
Subject: Re: Brilliant!

Good morning mom,

I’ve been on a quest for deeper understanding this past year. I don’t just believe, by default, anything I’ve been told nor do I automatically believe any new information I come across. I take it in, digest it, feel the information within, cross reference, look deeper, ask finer questions… Then, once I decide to agree to the information, I adopt it as a perspective that I feel most resonates with me.. While leaving myself open to new possibilities of perspective. I’ve come to understand that absolutes are limitations and rigidity sets itself up to be broken. I just exceeded 1,000 hours of listening to new perspectives and this new information has led me down many streams of knowledge. All of which lead to the same ocean of innate understanding. I’ve explored many “religions” and the dilution of their initial teachings over thousands of years. The word religion itself didn’t become the English word religion until 1150 AD and is derived from (re- re- + lig?re to bind, tie; cf.ligament) + -i?n- -ion; cf. rely

Literally, to bind. -No thank you.

Even the word bible itself didn’t come to be until 1300 AD. Which is derived from the name of the port in which papyrus was prepared and exported.

So, I’ve chosen to investigate the origins of such beliefs as to take responsibility for the choice of my perspectives and not adhere to the ignorance and laziness of “blind faith”.. A term the vatican is -oh so glad- the masses agree to and is a concept that is completely unnecessary. The (in-form)ation of ethereal knowledge and understanding exists.. We just have to look.

I’ve learned much about Jesus and his divine roll in the history of man and this planet. He truly is a celestial rock star and will return to earth at some point. However, it is also my understanding that he has been here many times before his last incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth.

My broad acceptance of new understandings is not filtered by the foundation of the “Holy” inquisition established in 12th century France, the hoarders of knowledge and rigid murderers of (literally) hundreds of millions of those who Questioned and Challenged the organized church of blind faith, whose knowledge was deemed infallible by its own bishops and popes (how convenient for them).

That said… I’ve been led to some new information and I am curious… What do you know about the Dead Sea scrolls discovered in 1946?

So, friends, I ask you the same.. what do you know of or about the Dead Sea Scrolls found in 1946? A typed reply is appreciated, but not necessary. The only necessary is that you ponder the question beyond an immediate reactive reply. Genuinely investigate and inquire, that’s all we can truly ask of ourselves. Namaste??