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40 – The number of bits of information the neurons of your conscious (awake – aware) mind process every second.
40,000,000 – Yes, forty MILLION is the approximate number of bits of information processed every second in your subconscious (asleep – unaware – UNconscious) mind.
So, with that in mind (pun intended) consider those two little words that elude most humans so effectively – will power. For example, when you decide to quit smoking, you’re facing a beast of repetition that is at the very minimum, ONE MILLION times more powerful than your meager desire to improve your health. However, we humans can be ONE TRILLION times more powerful than the metaphorical beast of addictive behavior if the decision is true to our core. Apply this knowledge to your everyday thoughts. Ahhh, those darn thoughts. It is said that we think about 60,000 thoughts a day. Of which, 98% of those thoughts are the same ones you thought yesterday and the day before that. Sadly, as a result of the human condition, most of those thoughts are complaints. I cannot express this more emphatically – PAY ATTENTION! Once you realize or become AWARE of this cyclical process, you can DECIDE to CHANGE YOUR FOCUS.
I used to be the guy who’d cut you off rushing to my next fire that I must so desperately extinguish. Fighting, resisting and bitching about the Vegas traffic that I myself was a co-creator of. Listening to the SAME OLD noise on the radio peppered with frequency distorting squeals of dealerships vying for my attention to try to sell me a car I don’t want through those archaic things called commercials. Chugging my fourth soda wile sucking down one cigarette after another because my phone can’t find a signal, my car is overheating, the sun is in my face, that guy pissed me off, that light turned red, that kid won’t hurry across the street.. I’M LATE DAMN IT.. MOOOOOVE IT!!!
– i laugh now at my silliness
I can see just how unconscious, asleep, unaware I was all along.
Nowadays you’ll find me in the center lane, doing the speed limit, letting the world rush by me in their hurried pace as they speed off into a thousand sunsets of unfulfilled repetition. Drinking alkaline balanced water while consciously inhaling breaths free of carcinogens. I no longer listen to anything I don’t consciously choose to listen to. 75% of my listening on any given day is dedicated to the deliberate programming of my mind through the wonderfully accessible world of audible information. I will buy an audio book and listen to it several times over until I can just about recite it like a good song. If I’m feeling frugal, I’ll opt for the exploration of Podcasts. I have found several that have changed my life (because I changed my focus).
Screen shots of my audio books:
Screen 00003
After the realization of your apparent cerebral treadmill, the next point of provocation is this – Do you think all that you are is a bundle of repetitive thoughts? What or where do the thoughts come from? What or who is the creator of the intention of the thought itself?
I like questions like that.. more so, I love the answers ??
Truer words never spoken. “Choose your thoughts or they will be chosen for you.”
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Thank you for taking the time to read this entry.
I am doing as guided by powers greater than I…
This is my mirror. I am writing.