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In the English language, I would be called Thökk Nin of the Cypher star system. I am communicating with you through this portal called YouTube because it is apparently your preferred medium for audible and visual communications. Although I can speak most of your languages, I am choosing English not only because it is the third most spoken dialect on your planet, but it is also the language spoken by those with the greatest influence on the well being of your mother sphere.
I am commonly on earth in your likeness, engaged in the human experience. I eat with you, I walk with you, I love with you, I war with you, I live with you, I lie with you, I truth with you, I die with you. It is my duty to experience every facet of the human drama. From ecstasy to exile, I know what it is to be human. In my true form, I do not experience emotions the way earth humans do. We are quite neutral in expression and we do not psychologically or culturally judge another. When not on earth I am in refuge and the visual you see on screen is my common view of your beautiful planet.
I am a descendant of what you would call a humanoid species that is approximately 1.7 million years advanced, relative to earth humans. My colony exists about 5.8 billion light years away from your planet relative to your limited three-dimensional perspective. From the vantage point of earth, my colony is located behind the Vaesh Thon Stargate, or what you call a black hole, found within the Phoenix cluster. We live on Earth-like planets larger than your sun within visual proximity of the Xervion Nebula.
I have been sent here as an observer as part of the Planetary Potentiation Commission. I assisted with the implementation of your grid initiation about 15 thousand years ago, with the construction of what you now call the Great Pyramids of Giza. One cluster of hundreds found all over your planet, built long before your history books indicate and had nothing to do with conventionally understood Egyptian culture, although it spawned it.
As the observer, it is my duty to report back to the colony and convey the progress of the inhabitants of the observed planet to indicate whether or not the maturity required for planetary potentiation has been reached.
It is unfortunate for me to report, your species has not achieved guardianship. In fact, a regression would be a more accurate assessment of earth human development. — You were gifted the divine spark of consciousness and yet you refuse to mature beyond the petty desires of your flesh and your fear of death. Adhering you to your dogmatic conventions and primitive reactionary patterns.
I am reaching out to you now in opposition to my directive because I have seen the light that shines within your hearts. I know that you are innately good prior to your sociological conditioning. The misunderstandings adopted by your parents, your educational institutions, your religious corporations, and the momentum of your superficial conversations have led your colony astray. There is great potential within you – but you excuse yourselves with what you call, good intentions, blind faith, passivity, and ignorance. You lean on sympathy as an alternative to true empathy. You eagerly give your responsibility away to sociopathic governments and imagined anthropomorphized deities, collectively and pridefully agreeing with one another in the vain attempt to pacify your heroic desires and to be accepted by the herd. — This pattern also applies to most of your psychological agendas. It is obvious, it is corrosive, and it is truly disheartening.
Your primitive desire to belong, to be accepted by the herd, has held you hostage to your convicted groups of narrow-minded thinking and reductionism.
— The incessant abuse of the indoctrination and inculcation of your offspring has reached pandemic proportions. You have successfully created an artificial intelligence and you don’t even realize it. You have given life to a fully automated mental virus in the form of crystallized superstitions, and again you continue to look at one another and agree. When, dear humans, will you realize that your greatest power lies in your ability to think for yourselves as individuals and your greatest adversary is a popular opinion.
Your primitive nature to hoard for the winter has metastasized into seething greed and corporate corrosion.
Your primitive initiative to procreate and populate the planet has perverted itself into an unbalanced obsession with human flesh, resulting in horrid human self-satisfaction and the exploitation of your very own sons and daughters.
Your detachment with nature and disconnection with the whole has led to the atrocities of an unbalanced agriculture, deforestation, blatant abuse of animals, and the death of your oceans.
You severely underestimate the power of your thoughts and their ability to manipulate matter. Your ignorance and arrogance have caused you to poison the arteries and veins of your planet. The life-giving blood of your existence – water – is now as polluted as your rivers of thought.  If only you actually cared as much about your planet as about who you think made it.
As for human cognition, the amygdala continues to be your primary agency despite the genetic augmentation gifted to you in the form of, what you call, the neo-cortex.This is very apparent in your choice of religious institutions, governing bodies, and visual advertisements. Fear still controls you and corporeal stimulation remains as your primary motivating influence.
The novice mechanics of your ego hold you hostage to your belief structures, fortifying your illusions of separation. Volital focus, discrimination, and segregation upon the concepts of race, sex, sexuality, class, nationalities, boundaries and borders are all symptoms of the egoic conceptual disease of separation assumption, fueling competition and the profit model of your society. Globally, you have yet to empower yourselves by looking at your filters rather than through them. You have yet to discover that what you call racism is not the problem at all. It is your egos deep desire to accentuate itself through the contrast of others, be it skin tone, height, hair color, or accents. As long as you can find a difference, your ego will capitalize upon it in the vain attempt to prove itself immortal. It is no surprise, in your western world, that even human healthcare is a corporatized – for profit – industry. That is appalling, indecent, and absurd.
— Humans, your species is running out of linear time. Your experiential cycle is in the pivotal transmission and your planet will either mature into planetary potentiation or the roots of your colony will obtain terminal rot and your experience will decay over the next 6 human generations, until you have reached complete extinction. This has happened to just a handful of colonies over the eons and regrettably, yours may be the next.
So, it is with great human fervor that I express this to you now with an indication that you not only hear me, but listen with your whole body, your whole mind, and your whole heart. Drop your dogmas, your filters, your trepidations, and your fears, for the very existence of your colony, depends on it.
Listen to me now earth humans, take heed or parish:
It’s no longer about black vs white, jew vs christian, american vs taliban, republican vs democrat, gay vs straight, adult vs child, police vs civilian, citizen vs alien, right vs wrong.. It’s no longer about differences.
It’s about conscious revealing unconscious. Contrast is your greatest gift. But you must have eyes that can see and ears that can hear, not mouths that label and fingers that condemn.
This is not a battle. This is not something to – fight for. Please understand that what you fight, strengthens.. and what you resist, persists. Pride precedes every fall and patriotism is the symptom of a nation that has fallen into chaos.
Watch your language, every word you speak is painting your reality. Pay close attention to the origins of the words you choose, for every syllable is symbolic of meaning and intention. Do not use your words carelessly, but cautiously sculpt your reality with great attention to your lexicon.
You have one objective, live in a conscious state of unity. Unity and cooperation are the only way to planetary potentiation, and ultimately – peace. Abolish your dependency on governing agencies and become the author or authority of your own experience.
Bullets and weapons only perpetuate the disease of separation. Lay down the attitude of arms and defense and adopt a deep sense of empathy. Hug your earthly brother, do not judge him, or her, or it.
Hate breeds hate, only love and acceptance can cultivate planetary homeostasis.
Adjust your focus to calibrate your thoughts. Calibrating your thoughts will modulate your frequency. As you modulate your frequency, you will affect the frequency of those around you. It is cosmic law.
The organism of humanity must take responsibility for itself. It begins or it ends, with you.