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Dark Sunday

I realized one day when I entered this place

The flickering of candles, not one smiling face

So solemn and strict, not at all what I thought

Expected a grin, not the look of distraught

So tell me now, what is this religion

The rite of fellowship or a stolen decision

Unleavened bread is given unto thee

A slice of his skin for his children to feed

From lip to lip a chalice of wine

The blood of a man, the liquid Devine

Drink my son, eat of the bread

I killed the other, the first is dead

So tell me now what is this religion

The gathering of elders, the ritual of communion

Pass the bowl, give your money to me

Given unto god or the first church of greed

Born unto sin, births first given right

Derived from the fruit, bitten in spite

King of the kings, lord of the lords

The priest of the church is fucking the whores

Lead by example, I now see the light

Hypocritical freak on a dark Sunday night

So tell me now, what is this religion

The prince of peace or a concept misgiven