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Those in power have no remorse in killing a few million of its own in the name of profit and control.

They are well aware that the death of a relative will inspire hate, revenge, and fuel division. We react to a war we think we are fighting for a given reason when the real reason is very well masked. Our attachments cause us to blame the “enemy” as we develop the ignorant disease of patriotism. Our shepherds are highly skilled sociological manipulators and the masses take the bait believing they are “standing” for their country and “fallen heroes”. The life lost is tragic and misunderstood. Globally, not nationally, we must cooperate and denounce the reigning governments. They aren’t operating with our well being in mind, they are meticulously and deviantly devising the entire circus show as we eat our popcorn and yell at one another with blind eyes and impassioned hearts.


~ Lao Tzu

It is sad.

I love all humans and denounce all flags. If I have a colored flag, then you must have one of another color.. and so the disease of division perpetuates. Burn every flag, of every nation, of every color, and symbol, and hug each other under a nonexistent label. Otherwise, we will continue to kill over differences no matter the venue. Football itself has become nothing but a fanaticized celebration of us against them.. the human condition is disgusting and ignorant as fuck.