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How do we know the evolutionary process has yet to begin with humanity?
We still love guns and weapons of all types.
We still see the color of each others skin.
We still partake in man’s conceptualized practices of distorted religious ideologies and think that ours is right.
We still have police.
We still think there is a difference between political parties and we actually pay attention to what they have to say.
We still watch the news.
We still think that we can be better than or less than someone else.
We still buy things through the persuasion of sexual ads.
We still think giving material is more important than attention.
We still listen with the intent to reply, therefore we really don’t listen.
We still prefer to be comfortable.
We still think we can actually own something.
We still compare.
We still name, label and diagnose.
We still reduce.
We still look for certainty.