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External Projections:
The image of the child could be anyone, a bank teller, the driver of the car next to you, your boss or even your mother. However, I chose the child because he creates the strongest emotional reaction to the woman screaming at him through herself. Just about everything anyone says is an external projection of what is going on within the individual. It doesn’t even have to be a spoken word. In fact, more is expressed through physiology, the eyes and biochemistry than with the words themselves. The words are just a byproduct. You could literally hold a mirror up in front of anyone speaking and see that they are, in essence, talking (to – about – and of) themselves. Before even mentally digesting their chosen vocabulary, see and feel the energy they are transmitting through the eyes, physiology and biochemistry. As you absorb the vocal vibrations directed towards you, do not take anything that is said personally. If they are in a state of internal unrest, you will witness their war within. They could attempt to ridicule you for something you’re wearing or the way you did your makeup. They may find fault in the way you are eating or the way you drive your car. They may be in such turmoil as to scream at you or worse, get physically violent. Avoid this if you can and remember, do not take it personally. They are talking, ridiculing or screaming at you through the reflection of themselves.
Side, yet very important note: If you are the negative projector.. until you get a grip on yourself.. leave the kids alone. They are innocent and cannot defend themselves effectively. Again, this isn’t an entry on child abuse. I made a point to address that because of the image I chose to compose.
On the other hand. If you are engaged in conversation with someone who is at peace with themselves, you will find the encounter to be pleasant. Even if there is disagreement, it will be addressed and dismissed gracefully. They will not take anything personally and their external conversation, biochemistry and physiology will be at ease as they are within. Truth and honesty will flow freely from them and you will feel it. They do not gossip or ridicule. They are compassionate and solution oriented. Rather than being scathed with erratic vibrations of discontent and frustration, you will be soothed by their energy and the vibrations of their vocal flow will be calm and inviting. If in fact, you are the one at peace, then you have experienced the encounters with those at war have become few and far between. On the other hand, the engagements with those that are centered have increased dramatically. Like attracts like. You may have even experienced those that come into your presence with egoic sword in hand have arrived in a state of surrender. They are ready to yield to truth and are gravitating towards you.
The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. ~ Mark Twain
Whoever you are engaging or if you are the one being engaged, remember the mirror. As they speak, they see themselves. Just as you speak, see yourself. This is where the quote, “They see the world as they see themselves” or “They see others as they see themselves” comes into perspective. If you are at war within, the sun is too bright, the clouds are gloomy, the grass is itchy, the boss is a jerk, the child is stupid and the flies bug you. If you have chosen to find your peace, the sun is glorious and you can see its sparkling reflection in everything, the clouds are dramatic and quench the thirst of the earth, the grass is glowing and invites you to lay upon it, the boss is your friend and confides in you, the child is a learning bundle of infinite possibilities and the flies leave you alone.
You are the sum total of the 5 people you hang around with most. Who are they?
Do they gossip and complain? Or are they grateful and complimentary?
Are you projecting the war within? Or are you pleasing in your presence?
Don’t just read the questions, ask them of yourself.