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Empty your mind, make space for something new.

When someone asks you to describe yourself, what comes to mind?

Most of us will reach for the defaults: I’m nice, kind, caring, adventurous, compassionate, funny, etc… Whether we really believe these things about ourselves or not. In most cases, we use words we’d at least like to identify with.

Not as commonly, some of us embrace our darker sides: I’m a bitch, abrasive, rude… etc. Good for them, they are attempting to be honest about their perception.

In the form of nouns, what do you identify with? A teacher, a Christian, a Republican, a Democrat, a liberal, an atheist, a mystic, a parent, a secretary, an entrepreneur, a nobody, a wife, a husband?

What do you take PRIDE in? Your football team, your kids’ honor roll, your heritage, your ethnicity, your country, your faith, your musical tastes, where you live, who you know, what you know?

Pride is a very dangerous word by the way:

The antonym of pride is humility. To be humble.

If belief is the foundation upon which the limitation is built, then pride is the framework the walls of that limitation are nailed to.

We as humans, in our underlying fear of death due to our duality consciousness, has caused us to look for the certainty in all things and even our thoughts.

Are you afraid of the dark? It’s not the dark you are afraid of.. it’s the uncertainty of what you can not see.

In our never-ending state of fear, we MUST define and attempt to fool ourselves into thinking that we know the finality or totality of anything and everything.. including who we think we are. Our self-definitions and our “pride” are actually our fleeting attempt at cheating death and attempting to find immortality on the physical plane. Think about it. The more we attempt to attach ourselves to people, places, things, identities, thoughts, concepts and yes -even holidays, is really just a cry for certainty in a very uncertain, yet beautifully orchestrated universe.

Our desperate quest for the irrefutable is no more than our attempt to avoid and deny the inevitable.

When you can step outside of your belief structures, your agreements, your neuro-nets of thought clusters, of definitions and labels [and see them for what they are] your fear of uncertainty.. you can then begin to detach. The walls fall, the frame crumbles and the foundation disintegrates. It’s a bit scary at first and most of us will experience some anxiety as we let go of all we knew. But, once you let go and allow the oceans of infinite possibility to caress your spirit, you begin to float.. free of the tiny little life preserver you clung to called ME. Then, you swim and shortly thereafter you dive.. you dive into the realm of anything and everything is possible. You are not afraid. Fear evaporates and you swim with the dolphins to the shores of a whole new you. Undefined, malleable, and completely present. You embrace uncertainty and actually begin to enjoy and take pleasure in it. Yesterday is forgotten and tomorrow will surely come, but today, right now, at this moment.. YOU ARE ALIVE. Judgment does not resonate as you see yourself in all things. When you read and listen, it’s as if for the first time because you are completely free of pretenses, ideals, profiles, constructs, and judgments. The world comes to life as you observe and feel – not think, not label, not attach.. just feel the vibrant life around you.

Detach and let go of all you knew.

See, when you define yourself – you can not know what you could become.

Life is the canvas, thoughts are the color, and your actions are the brush.