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It’s not often that the stars align with such synchronistic precision,

as to place in the path of your journey an entity that ceases the seemingly random vibration of your atomic structure, allowing the symphony of your chaos to find complete harmonic resonance when your eyes meet theirs…

When the attention of every single molecule is pulled into the gravity of who they are. When every cell that composes your body exceeds maximum voltage and every touch is a catalyst for spontaneous combustion. When you look into the complexity of their eyes, seeing your own reflection, and you lose yourself in the memories of every tomorrow. When you melt into their embrace of absolute presence and a feeling of home swirls throughout your core. When they exhale and you breathe them in, it feels more nourishing than oxygen itself. When your hearts beat in cadence and the words you wish to use to express do not justify. When telepathy transcends the mediocrity of oration. When your tongues dance, the world dissolves and you evaporate into timelessness. When their very scent intoxicates your mind and the sandy shores of your past are baptized by their essence. When your heart is inflamed with fervor and the supernova of your connection gives birth to galaxies of incomprehensible emotion.

And last, but certainly not least, when her hand is in yours, you know it’s been there a thousand lifetimes before.

Thank you Jacqueline for every experience, without which, the articulation of this composition would not be manifest.