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Bad Fruit

Conceived by an act of violence, a victim against her will

Generations of madness, with evil seed she’s filled

Knowing I’m the direct result of a man in a state of rage

Helps me better understand myself, the key to unlock this cage

The outcast vowed to silence, words that can burn the skin

To him I pledge defiance, I’ll drown him in his sin

Fallen from the family tree, bad fruit hits the ground

Adopted new identity, this smile is now a frown

Sworn to solemn secrecy, they said they wouldn’t tell

Hidden from my father and me, for this they’ll burn in hell

Devils best friend force-fed his lust and plagued her with the guilt

With no shame devoured her trust and left the flower to wilt

He raped her of her dignity

He raped her of her pride

He raped her of her sanity and made her live a lie

I’m sorry grandma.