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Apocalypse [uhpokuh-lips]

1125-75; Middle English < Late Latin apocalypsis < Greek apokálypsisrevelation, equivalent to apokalýp (tein) to uncover, reveal

It’s no longer about black vs white, jew vs christian, american vs taliban, republican vs democrat, gay vs straight, adult vs child, police vs civilian, citizen vs alien, right vs wrong.. It’s no longer about differences. It’s about conscious revealing unconscious. Which isn’t actually a battle as far as the conscious are concerned. Because the conscious understand that what you fight strengthens and what you resist persists. It is merely the act of living in a conscious state of unity, it begins with the individual. Unity and cooperation are the ONLY way. It has nothing to do with leaders or a government. It has everything to do with you, and me, ultimately.. us.. the organism of humanity taking responsibility for itself. Bullets and weapons only perpetuate the disease of separation. Lay down the attitude of arms and defense and adopt a deep sense of empathy. Hug your earthly brother, do not judge him or her or it. Help us save us or we will most certainly destroy us. I don’t like the term “faith”, but if ever I were to utilize it’s concept, I would apply it to our humanity, our love for one another. Hate breeds hate, only love and acceptance can bring us planetary peace. Change your state by changing your thoughts and you will change those around you. It is cosmic law. Peace.